May 29, 2020

Mansions of Mudurnu

From the business of poultry to the tourism:

The Mansions of Mudurnu

The phrase “Mudurnu resembles its mountains. It gives out a sound but it cannot move, it waits that you go to it” is no more valid. The mansions of Mudurnu together with the mountains give out a sound due to the tourism.

Mudurnu where the biggest poultry integrated facilities of Turkey had been founded lost unfortunately its privileged position in the economy after the economic crisis in 2000. Nearly half of the district with a population of 6 thousands realised suddenly that they were unemployed. Besides that, the chicken farms in the neighbour villages doing business with Mudurnu Tavukculuk went bankrupt. The crisis gave rise to a hopeless atmosphere both in the district and the villages.

Mudurnu covered with snow appears so beautiful in winter too.

The poultry business ended, the turn is to the tourism The Mayor of Mudurnu Mehmet Karakafoglu, the authorities of the district, the Governorship of Bolu, the witnesses of these negative facts began to search solutions to the problem of unemployment in the district. They had an example in the neighbourhood… Safranbolu and “the houses” inspired them. Because they had houses, mansions, cultural and historical legacy like “the houses of Safranbolu”. But the poultry sector was so big that the undertakers didn`t have the opportunity to benefit from this rich legacy. The business of poultry provided a good source of income until the crisis. No one could think of such a catastrophe.


But they recovered soon. The works related to the financial source for the mansions of Mudurnu put under conservation previously started. Due to the support provided by the governorship, the mansions of Mudurnu have been restored. Haci Abdullahlar Mansion, Keyvanlar Mansion and Haytalar Mansion have been restored in conformity with their original structure.

Mudurnu which hadn t even one bed provided with touristic standards has now 100 beds due to these mansions. A pan of the Turkish bath located next to the Handicraft Office of the Municipality, built in the era of Yildinm Beyazit and still functional has been offered to the tourism as Ha- mam Cafe and the Culture House of the Municipality; the bus stops of the district have been harmonized with the local architecture.

Mudurnu feels enthusiastic in the field of tourism due to the Mountain Houses in the Forests in Dcgirmenyeri belonging to the couple Tulay and UIvi Iigaz who are passionates of Mudurnu. Mansion. Armutpuiar Mansion, Gokdemir Touristic Facilities and Village Market, Babas Thermal Springs, Mudurnu Natural Life Hotel, Unsal Hotel.

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